Upgrading the firmware on the Oudie is as simple as downloading one file, saving it in the root of your Oudie's Resident Flash memory and resetting the Oudie.

To Update the firmware on your Oudie please follow this procedure:

  1. Download the latest version from this link:
    *this Update can be installed on any version of the Oudie. It will recognize the type of your Oudie and install the correct version
  2. Download the update file UpdateOudie.exe to your PC (if you are saving directly to Oudie, then skip to step #5). Make sure about the file's name on your computer. See "Common problems" below.
  3. Connect your Oudie with PC using the USB cable which was supplied in the box.
  4. Once connected, tap "Connect to PC" or the USB Stick icon on Oudie.
  5. You should now see Oudie as an external Mass Storage drive on your PC (named TFAT).
  6. Copy UpdateOudie.exe to the root of your Oudie drive (TFAT).
  7. Reset Oudie or press and hold the On/Off key for 1 second and select "Power off". Then power it back on by holding the button for another second.
  8. Wait until it boots into an Update dialog box.
  9. Press "Update" and wait until the process is finished.
  10. Reboot the Oudie one more time, then it is updated.


- File name when copied to Oudie must be exactly "UpdateOudie.exe". Windows or browsers sometimes add "(1)", "(2)" or similar making the filename "UpdateOudie (1).exe". Such file will not work on Oudie. You must manually rename it to "UpdateOudie.exe" if your browser/windows changed it during the download process.

- Oudie is in Active Sync mode rather than Mass Storage mode. Turn the Oudie on then exit SeeYou Mobile by pressing Menu > Next > Exit. Once you are on the black main screen press ">>" button in the upper right corner, then select "USB". Make sure that "Mass Storage" is enabled and press the "Save" icon. Intentionally we are not posting instructions how to use Oudie in Active Sync mode. If you want to use it in Active Sync mode fine, but you have to know what you are doing