1. Create task(s) in SeeYou.

2. Start SeeYou Mobile Wizard in SeeYou (File > SeeYou Mobile Wizard).

3. Choose to transfer "Waypoints and tasks", click Next.

4. Choose filename for the CUP file which will be created on Oudie.

5. Choose where to save this information and whether or not you want to assign new waypoints and tasks to a specific profile on your Oudie (or even all profiles).

6. Click Next.

7. Choose area for which you wish to copy the waypoints and tasks. Then click Next and Finish.


If you chose at least one profile where these waypoints will be assigned then you don't have to do anything else. Just start the Oudie and your waypoints will be available. Please note that if you already had same waypoints on Oudie and you chose a different filname for the new waypoints then you will have duplicate waypoints after this procedure. We suggest that you use one filename for one set of waypoints (such as waypoints from your home airfield or the competition you are attending). A doing the procedure above the old waypoints will be overwritten with new ones if you follow this suggestion. This is the easiest way to keep your waypoints and tasks synchronized between SeeYou and Oudie right now.