Please note that this topic does NOT describe how to install SeeYou Mobile on an Oudie device.

There are two ways to install SeeYou Mobile on your PDA on PNA:

Installing SeeYou Mobile ZIP version

This method works on both PDA and PNA devices and is becoming increasingly popular because all SeeYou Mobile files are kept on the Storage Card which means that after total loss of the PDA memory (after a depleted battery for example) no SeeYou Mobile files or settings are lost. Everything is kept exactly as before, including the registration (the latter since version 3.1).

To install the ZIP version please follow this procedure:

1. Download the SeeYou Mobile ZIP installation package from

2. Unpack the ZIP file to the root of your Storage card so that the folders 2577, Settings etc. are in the root of your Storage card.

3. Insert the Storage card in your PDA/PNA device

4. Soft reset the device

SeeYou Mobile should start automatically after the soft reset. You will be asked whether or not you want to run SeeYou Mobile on a PDA.

Installing by Active Sync

This method is widely used when installing on PDA devices and Smartphones. 

1. Connect your PDA/phone to your PC via Active Sync

2. Download the latest version of SeeYou Mobile from

3. Run the file "mseeyou_eval_multi.exe" (or one of its derivatives) on your PC (not on your PDA)

4. Complete the installation by accepting all default values

Once completed, see the screen of your PDA device if any post-installation steps are required. If not, use the SeeYou Mobile icon on the Today screen to run SeeYou Mobile.

Windows Vista users will probably also want to read about Active Sync under Vista:

Google: Installing Active Sync on Vista