When Oudie is in the glider you can hear crackling noise in the radio. 


Electro-Magnetic interference is always a combination of devices which are stored closely together. There is no guarantee that our repairs will solve a problem in your cockpit. We have personally inspected a glider where Oudie was making such noise. The problem was solved by closely examining the cables of the radio. Once the cables have been fixed and properly attached to the radio the noise was gone.


  1. Make sure that the cables from the Radio and the cables leading to the Oudie are not placed in parallel. Keep them as far apart as possible.

  2. Install ferrites around the cables leading to the Oudie

Replies from customers who have successfully removed the noise:

User phoebusB1:
"I bought a Micro USB extension and wicked the cables twice through two ferrits in series and attached it directly to the oudie. Since then the problem disappeared. The important thing is however to stay away from the radio antenna."

User MartinAC:
"Meanwhile the crackling is nearly gone by:
1. adding a ferrit to the Oudie-cablea few centimeters before the USB-connector. Several ferrits tested, best was Conrad Electronic Richco RKCF-06-A5 Best.-Nr.: 502113-62
2. Optimizing the cable placement to Flarm + 12Volt. We did a little bit try and error, winding the cable and shifting it in the panel area.
Now crackling is nearly gone, flying with the Oudie is super!"

User johnderosa:

"I haven't had the problem you mention and all power is run through the same bus for all hardware. The distance between radio and Oudie I is 15cm (6"). I have had a ferrite choke ( like MartinAC on my power leads from day 1 so that may be why I haven't had an issue. This stops high frequency interference from running down the power leads from one device to another. Easy to add because they are split and can clip onto the wire without having to undo anything. Suggested placement is on either the power leads running to the Oudie or to the radio ... or both!"

User eurofighter:

"Worked like a charm :)"

User marcohaakmeester:

"Thanks! I bought the conrad ferrit and tested it yesterday. Works great!"