Quick charger cable is inserted but the charging light remains off. 

Note: On original Oudie IGC there was no charging light on the housing. The only way to check if such Oudie IGC is charging is to turn it on and see the Battery Navbox. If it says "Chrg" then it is charging and all is well.


Make sure that the charging plug is fully inserted into the housing. There is a slight click when it is fully inserted. Fell free to apply some pressure in order to click it in. Don't be too gentle. Here is the wrong and the right way to insert the plug into the socket:

If the charging light turns to red (charging) or green (full) then everything is ok.

If it still won't charge the problem could also be the charger that you are using. Please try the following:

  1. Try charging with the USB to Quick charger port cable. Does it charge then?
  2. Try to charge with the mini USB cable through the PC. Does it charge? (the other charging light will turn red in this case)
  3. Try to charge with the car charger connected to the USB port. Does it charge?

If none of the above methods will work please contact us and we will try to help you find a solution.