The first time you run Oudie Live you will have to go through a tutorial which will help you connect Oudie with your Android smartphone. If you want to repeat the tutorial simply press the “?” button in Oudie Live on your phone at any time. The tutorial is simple:

1. First page is only so you know that you are following a tutorial. Acknowledge this by pressing the "Next" button in the bottom corner:


2. The second page shows you where to make your phone visible for a few minutes so that the devices can pair. Once they are paired your phone can remain invisible on Bluetooth forever. Oudie will be able to connect without this action. This is only needed when you are connecting an Oudie to your phone for the first time:


3. Android wants you to know that your phone will be visible for a few minutes now and requires you to acknowledge that:


4. Once paired the Oudie Live service needs to be started. When the Oudie Live service is running Oudie can talk to your phone and a notification icon is displayed in the top left corner:


5. Now you are ready to complete the process by connecting your Oudie. Just follow the steps on the screen:


Voila. Your Oudie is now ready to access the internet through your phone.