SeeYou Cloud is your private online storage for everything related to your flying hobby. As soon as your flights are stored in the SeeYou Cloud you can access them from any device. This is why you want to get your flight up into the SeeYou Cloud as soon as possible. To connect your Oudie to the SeeYou Cloud you need to enter your SeeYou Cloud credentials once. Then they are remembered and you don't need to enter them again. 

This tutorial is assuming that you have already paired this Oudie with your smartphone. If you did not please see How to pair Oudie with an Android smartphone

Here are the necessary steps in order to connect your Oudie to the SeeYou Cloud:

1. In order to enter your SeeYou Cloud username and password please go to Menu > Settings > Next > Next > Next > Oudie Live.

2. Click on the "SeeYou Cloud..." button to enter your Email address and Password. It is possible to enter small characters and other symbols if you use the "Page" button in the bottom corner on your Oudie. See also How to enter password in Oudie.

3. You can Verify that you have successfully entered the email address and password by clicking on the Verify button.

4. You can choose to Upload the file to SeeYou Cloud automatically after landing by enabling the checkbox in the SeeYou Cloud Service dialog:

5. Once you are happy with your setup please don't forget to Save your Settings