Oudie 3 features an excellent vario. It is the best Vario you can find on the market. It is extremely accurate and responsive at the same time. 

You can control the audio settings of the Vario on the Menu > Settings > Vario page. We went into a lot of trouble fine tuning the Vario sound. Make sure to try the default settings in the air before you change them. 


You can control the size and position of the Vario Symbol on the map. Simply drag it on the screen if you wish to move it to a new position. Go to Menu > Settings > Symbols > Vario to change it size and appearance. You can choose from two different shapes for the Vario, it´s transparency, size and more. Once you finished with selected settings you can also lock Vario position: Menu > Settings > Symbols > Vario > Do not allow drag (remove check-mark) > OK.  

If you want to remember this setting, please save the profile with Menu > Next > Save Settings > Save Profile > Yes.