This is a tutorial about entering the task in Oudie 3. We have had the privilege to look over the shoulder many impressively experienced pilots who have found a very difficult way to enter a task into Oudie 3. 

Entering the task by list

Please read this because entering the task is just that - enter the waypoint names, set the times (Gate, Start speed section, End speed section, Task deadline) and Sector type (Line, Cylinder, FAI sector or Assigned area). No setting up of observation zones is neccessary. Tutorial will focus on entering the demo task. The default one in the evaluation version of Oudie 3. The task will become a 39,9 km Race to goal in the west part Slovenia - flying site Lijak. Both Racing, Record tasks as well as Assigned Area tasks are covered.  

1. Always start from the scratch. Menu > Task > Tools > Clear task:


2. Make sure the first line in the empty list is selected (if you didn't touch the screen after clearing the task,  then it is already selected). Then press the "Insert" or ?Keyb? (as in Keyboard) button:


3. Start typing and you will notice that the waypoint name auto-completes while you are typing (note that  the keyboard characters which do not make sense are disabled while you type):


Note that L and 01 keys were pressed while "058" was auto-completed. If you know your waypoint is in  alphabetical vicinity of the currently auto-completed name of the waypoint, you may also use the "<<" and ">>" buttons on the full screen keyboard to advance the waypoint names alphabetically. Once you have found the waypoint you were looking for, press OK. 

4. Edit point dialog will open automatically after choosing each waypoint. Setup these values to fly competitions or FAI records:


5. Press the "OK" button again and start entering the Start Gate turnpoint's name, L01058 in this example:


Note that after entering "L" and "0" the suggested waypoint name is "L01058". If not "L01058" - Press  ">>" once and you are now at "L01058". Press OK.

6. After you have entered the task waypoints, check that waypoint sectors once again (cylinders, lines, FAI  sectors) and times are setup correctly. Note that you can choose your default Sector type settings in Menu > Settings > Task > Observation Zone > Type > Cylinder are what you wanted to use on most flights!


Entering the task by map

Entering the task by Map is also useful way to set the task. It help you to make easier visualization of the  task. This tool is most useful for Task comity, to easy set and plan the task on competitions. You can also quickly create a task without waypoints for your upcoming cross country flight. 

1. As before: Always start from the scratch. Menu > Task > Tools > Clear task:


Make sure the first line in the empty list is selected (if you didn't touch the screen after clearing the task,  then it is already selected). Then press the "Tools" and choose Map. Set the right Zoom to see codes of waypoints.

2. Open Tools > Map dialog:


3. Now you can start adding waypoints to list. Simply tap first waypoint (B01) for a second and Oudie will  automatically ask you if you want to Append point to list. Confirm this with Yes.


With tap on OK button continue with adding waypoints trough all the task. Use Pan mode to find waypoints on Map for which you´re looking for.

4. After you have added all the task waypoints press Tools > List. Check waypoint sectors (cylinders, lines,  FAI sectors) and times once again they are setup correctly. Once you finished tap OK and your task is ready to fly.


Start and re-start the task

To make a re-start. Change the target waypoint back to start point. The quickest way to do it is to open  the Task dialog, select start point and press Goto. Statistics will be reset, when you cross the start line again.


Note that once cylinder is reached you will not see it on the map any more.

Side view

Side view is showing terrain collision from your position to the target including Airspaces, observation  zone(s), Current L/D (grey line) and Required L/D or arrival altitude (purple line). You can turn it ON/OFF in Menu > Display options or with Action on any Navbox. You´ll find Action name as Toggle side view in Menu > Settings > Next > Navboxes > Select one Navbox > Action > Toggle side view. 


Flying the task

To navigate during the task use all of the features that are made available to you through Oudie 3 software:

  • Map pages to see where you are,
  • Navboxes to see the flight parameters you are interested in, 
  • Statistics to see what you have done, 
  • Airspace warning to keep yourself out of trouble, 
  • Goto dialog to find nearest airports etc., 
  • Side view to see where to set it.

Final glide

Here's a suggestion. Flying final glides is the most comfortable when you use the Required L/D and Current L/D navboxes. What they do is they show the required L/D to the finish line and current L/D you are doing at the moment. You are on glide slope when Current L/D is higher than Required L/D. The calculation already includes reserve altitude. The nice part is that it is insensible of the MC setting, glider polar, wind calculation etc. All of them can be wrong when you try to math through the glider polar.  

Current L/D however is pragmatic - it tells you what you are doing. Required L/D is pragmatic as well. It  tells you what you should be doing. If Current L/D is higher than the Required one you are doing good. If it looks like you can keep going like that, you are doing great.

Have fun making those final glides!


It is always wise to make sure you have all the data securely stored in case of an unintended outage of  the device. Start from the main screen and select Menu > Next > Save Settings > tick the "Save profile" and "Save waypoints and tasks" checkboxes (if they are both enabled), then tap "Yes".

Go fly the task and enjoy!!!