There are free recommended options to learn Oudie before you get airborne.

1. File replay

This is by far the most efficient way to learn Oudie. What it does is it replays an already flown  flight and enables you to see the data you would have been looking at if you had Oudie with you on the particular flight.

In order to set this up, copy some of your flights from the desktop PC to your device. Then go to Menu >  Settings > Input , then change input to "File". Press the "..." button and choose a flight you wish to replay. Alternatively you can go to Menu > Logbook > choose the flight you wish to replay > Tools >  Replay flight. Then use the buttons to change Waypoints, MacCready and pages. Tap on the screen to see what happens and setup Navboxes to what you want them to be. Note that you can setup Navboxes separately for each of the two Map pages. A particularly useful way to replay a flight is if you managed to save a NMEA log of your flight. In the NMEA log all of the messages that were sent to the device may be reproduced on screen, including other Flarm data and its warnings. To replay a saved NMEA log you need to create a "TMP" folder in the root of your Oudie memory, save the NMEA log as "nmeain.log" and select "File" as your input in Menu >  Settings > input.



2. Simulator

In the Simulator input mode, you can move the glider freely even without a prerecorded flight which enables you to go places you haven't visited in the air yet. To move the glider, tap on it, then drag a line out of the glider in the direction you want it to move. The longer the line, the faster it will go in the specified direction. Learning Oudie on the ground will give you time to think about gliding, task and scenery in the air rather than software.


3. SeeYou Mobile Simulator for desktop PC

In addition we have created a 100% functional copy of our software which runs on the desktop PC. This  program enables you to test all features of Oudie at home without even having to buy if you would like to use it in flight.

Please download it at: