There are some tricks in using the Oudie. 

Using Oudie with your fingers

Usually in office conditions, you will be using your Oudie with the included stylus. However inside the glider this is a pain. Stylus is small, Oudie is shaking, so taping the screen is pretty inaccurate. The stylus could get lost really quickly. Oudie´s software is therefore designed to be used with fingers rather than the stylus. 


This is similar to mouse left-click in desktop Windows. Press your finger or nail anywhere on the screen to create a "Tap". This way you can navigate through the menus or tap on the map to get the Go to and Airspace menu for example. 

Tap and Hold

Tap and hold is something similar to the mouse right-click in desktop Windows. There are few uses for a pop-up menu in SeeYou Mobile, so Tap and Hold is normally used to perform special tasks on the map. An example is moving the Nav-boxes or accessing the Flight parameters by tapping and holding the Glide slope indicator. Similar use is assigned to tapping and holding the Wind and North indicators.