This is a tutorial about entering the task in Oudie. We have had the privilege to look over the shoulder many impressively experienced pilots who have found a very difficult way to enter a task into Oudie. 

Please read this because entering the task is just that - enter the waypoint names and go. No setting up  of observation zones is necessary. Tutorial will focus on entering the demo task. The default one in the  evaluation version of SeeYou Mobile. The task will become a 500km FAI triangle in the south-eastern  part of the Alps. Both Racing, badge and record tasks as well as Assigned Area tasks are covered. 

Always start from the scratch. Menu > Task > Tools > Clear task: 


Make sure the first line in the empty list is selected (if you didn't touch the screen after clearing the task,  then it is already selected). Then press the "Keyb" (as in Keyboard) button:


Start typing and you will notice that the waypoint name auto-completes while you are typing (note that the keyboard characters which do not make sense are disabled while you type):


Note that S and V keys were pressed while ". Peter" was auto-completed. If you know your waypoint is in  alphabetical vicinity of the currently auto-completed name of the waypoint, you may also use the "<<" and ">>" buttons on the full screen keyboard to advance the waypoint names alphabetically. Once you have found the waypoint you were looking for, press OK. 

Edit point dialog will open automatically after choosing each waypoint:


Press the "OK" button again and start entering the first turnpoint's name, Corvara in this example:


Note that after entering "C" and "O" the suggested waypoint name is "Cortina", not "Corvara". Press ">>"  once and you are now at "Corvara". Press OK. 

Repeat this procedure until all waypoints including the finish are entered:


Assigned Area Tasks - AAT

Assigned Area tasks are only set in competitions. The organisation will always prepare a task sheet. This  is an excerpt of a task sheet showing the description of the observation zones:


For the tutorial we will edit the observation zone of the point "500Obert" (which is code name for "500 Obertauern" in the task sheet). Tap on the waypoint "500Obert" to make it blue. Then press the Edit button as indicated in the screenshot:


In the Edit Waypoint dialog tap you need to enter the information from the task sheet. Generally speaking  the data is listed in the same order as you would follow through the dialog:


  • Direction (Symmetric)
  • Angle12 (not enabled for Symmetric direction)
  • Radius 1 = 20 km (you are free to use non-default units)
  • Angle 1 = 180
  • Radius 2 = 0
  • Angle 2 = 0
  • tick the "Assigned Area" checkbox
  • do not tick "Line only" because it is not listed in the observation zone description

That's it. Close the dialog with OK. Edit all remaining Assigned Area sectors. Don't forget the enter task  time under Tools > Options > Task Time.

It is always wise to make sure you have all the data securely stored in case of an unintended outage of  the device. Start from the main screen and select Menu > Next > Save Settings > tick the "Save profile" and "Save waypoints and tasks" checkboxes (if they are both enabled), then tap "Yes". 

"Save Settings" button is a new addition to SeeYou Mobile 3.1 and later. It may be positioned elsewhere  (i.e. not on the second Menu page) depending on your settings for the Menu > Settings > Menu.